Lucian Randolph
Without context, analysis and understanding… all data is just noise...
By trade, I get paid to think. And with rare exception, the things I get paid to ponder are always big. It's not so much that my brain is bigger than anyone else's brain. I just happen to have one of those brains that is very good at some things, like strategic analysis. This is different from tactical analysis. I'm pretty good at tactical analysis. I'm still alive. But I prefer (and thankfully I am much better at) strategic analysis.

The important thing about strategic analysis isn't that it's about the big picture.

That’s because it has both a broad perspective, as well as extreme attention to detail, and an almost absurd amount of multiplicity. In many ways, modern strategic analysis is similar to systems engineering in that it takes a complete approach to problem solving. More importantly however, strategic analysis includes a sometimes contradictory political (or at minimum pragmatic) perspective that is particularly useful in identifying best course-of-action and success-probability-ratios in complex multi-level scenarios.

This type of analysis is invaluable for predictive as well as tactical plans, whether for government or industry. I'm lucky. I get to work with both entities.

To quote the cult-classic 80's movie Real Genius, "when you're smart, people need you."

This is very true, and it’s been the basis of my entire career.