Sci•en•tist [ˈsīəntist]


• a person who is studying
or has expert knowledge
of one or more
of the natural
or physical sciences.

Lucian Randolph
If the job is just difficult, call someone else... If the job is impossible, call me...
I am a scientist by training and education. These days, I mostly get asked to solve problems. These problems are almost always problems that others have not succeeded in solving. I’m also asked to come up with contingencies for lots of scenarios. And on top of all that, is analysis. The people I work with love analyses. I can't tell you about the people I work with. Rules are rules. And the Romans love their rules.

As a matter of necessity, I have my own laboratory, which happens to be in a place with lots of sand and palm trees. In addition to my research lab, my manufacturing capability extends past aerospace levels. I mostly work on my own projects; although I’m often retrieved by the praetorian guard for temporary impressed duty.

Basically, I’m as close as you could get to a real-life version of Jonny Quest’s father, Dr. Benton Quest, a research scientist who is frequently called upon for missions that require his scientific and technical expertise. Of course, I don’t have that cool beard...