Lucian Randolph
Emergency Services Tactical Remote Command System

In 2008 as part of an analysis by the FCC, Lucian developed the Emergency Services Tactical Remote Command System (ESTR-Com). The ESTR-Com is a closed circuit telecommunication system combining live aerial footage from Air-Tower platform with field deployable mobile video conference and data communicators for use in emergency services and first responder personnel in unpredictable environments.

This is the system that was discussed by the FCC as part of the Public Safety portion of the National Broadband Plan for use as an emergency network for first responders that is resilient or resistant to first tier threats to our national telecommunication grid, and to extend broadband into rural areas not currently served. The Air-Tower platform was also part of the recently developed FCC plans to allow airborne platforms to provide emergency services overlay wireless networks for use in disasters that take ordinary infrastructure offline.

The Air-Tower is currently the only FCC and FAA certified heavy payload airborne telecom platform that can fly over any location or city in the United States without requiring special permission.