Lucian Randolph
Daunte Culpepper on ExoTrainer

Daunte speaking to the local television stations about his speed training on the Exo-Trainer with Lucian.

In the late 90’s, Lucian was a visiting researcher at the University of Central Florida. After trying the equipment himself, Mike Kruczek, the head football coach for the UCF Knights, asked Lucian to train Daunte Culpepper, his star quarterback, on his exoskeletal robotic system. This was Daunte's senior year and prior to joining the NFL, and the coach wanted to see if the system could improve Daunte's running speed. It did, and Daunte said so in an interview with the local television sports reporters. Photos and video of Daunte using the Exo-Trainer were featured on the CNN/Sports Illustrated website.

John Hitt on exo-trainer

Dr. John Hitt, President of UCF, training with Lucian on the Exo-Trainer.

Several other well-known athletes, as well as Dr. John Hitt, the President of UCF, also trained with Lucian on his equipment. Sponsored by DARPA and the Pentagon, Lucian had a large lab with several of his Roboflex Exo-Trainer robots set up at the University Orlando campus. Dr. Hitt often joked that Lucian's office on campus, as a visiting researcher, was bigger than his office as President of the University. It was true.