Lucian Randolph
Lucian has been involved in the design and development of numerous robots over the years. His designs are almost exclusively military and are restricted as ITAR trade secrets. However, Lucian holds the first U.S. Patent ever issued for an exoskeletal robot system, which he developed for NASA in the eighties as a means of reproducing musculoskeletal exercise training in microgravity. Called the Exo-Trainer, the system was designed and manufactured from complex molded aerospace alloys and had multi-jointed limbs built on the same design as a human body.

Several different models were created and a few dozen were produced for testing before the design was perfected and put into manufacturing production. The most basic model requires no electricity to create the vectored loads applied to the human. Compound elastic panels are stretched across the different mechanical joints in the same manner that muscles are attached to bones in the body, which allow for a multitude of exercises to be reproduced on a single device. When originally designed in the late 80’s, this model was intended for use aboard a large spacecraft on an extended trip (such as to Mars) or in a reduced gravity facility (such as a Moon base or large orbital station).

The most advanced model uses custom designed electromagnetic motors based on a magnetic particle clutch (custom designed by Lucian) to apply computer controlled loads and velocities to the limbs of the occupant. This unit can provide computer assisted movement (negative load) for manipulation of the limbs in physical therapy. as well as dynamic compound kinematic locomotor movements under a variety of vector load combinations that cannot be achieved in gravity or on any other device.

NASA recently announced the development of a new exoskeletal exercise apparatus in microgravity as a means of counter-measuring the human attrition over extended stays in space or reduced gravity; all of which were ideas and technologies pioneered by Lucian. The Exo-Trainer system was officially presented to several branches of the military and Lucian’s exoskeletal technology was foundational in all of the military exoskeletal systems that came after it.