Lucian Randolph
How much is a lifetime supply of drinking water worth for you and your family?

The SPAWG: Self-Powered Atmospheric Water Generator
By: Lucian Randolph

How much is a lifetime of drinking water worth?
What would you pay for quenching your thirst?

Filters and bottles and containers are fine.
But what if it’s water that you cannot find?

When lakes and rivers and streams dry up,
what will you put in your drinking cup?

Oceans and seas, plus water on land,
can all be polluted, diverted or dammed.

But I have a well that will never run dry.
It pulls in the water right out of the sky.

Even the deserts have moisture in air.
But it doesn’t make rain. It stays up there.

The hotter it gets, the more water there is.
But that doesn’t mean the clouds will whiz.

If you’re hoping nature will provide for you,
I’ve got a better plan. Here’s what you do.

Save up your money. Buy a big SPAWG.
You’ll remember the name. It sounds like frog.

A SPAWG is a well that cannot run dry.
It gets all of its water from air in the sky.

It creates its own power and energy, too.
Running it won’t cost a penny to you.

It makes water all day and all through the night.
Then purifies the water so it tastes just right.

The SPAWG gets moisture from the atmosphere.
But you can only get a SPAWG from us, right here.

Next time you drink water to satisfy your thirst,
ask yourself this, what’s a lifetime supply worth?