Lucian Randolph

Military solutions from disciplined ingenuity…

Most of the work Lucian does is military related, and as a result, it is not available to the public. Several of his recents projects, however, have unique applications in the civilian world. One of them is a new design for an off-grid, closed loop organic food production factory that is capable of providing the total food needs of fixed number of people in an ongoing basis and without replenishing supplies.

As part of that project, Lucian designed a self-powered atmospheric water generator that can produce water from air using only solar PV called the SPAWG (Self Powered Atmospheric Water Generator). This amazing device is currently being developed for commercial release.

Lucian was also the first person to successfully deploy a remote telepresence system on military working dog teams. A version of this is being developed for border patrol use. Lucian was the lead developer for the SOTR-Com, Special Operations Tactical Remote Command system. The majority of this technology remains classified.

roboflex booz allen hamilton briefing to marine corps 2002 - close up 1