Entrepreneurialism is based on the idea
that innovation has value

Creating a new business
is an act of innovation

Entrepreneurs are essential
to the foundation and growth
of our economy

Lucian Randolph
Big jobs usually go to the men who prove their ability to outgrow small ones... Theodore Roosevelt
Lucian has been creating and developing bleeding-edge technology for numerous industries for decades. Over this time, he has developed personal connections at the top of every sector he has ever been involved in. Together with his technology portfolio, these contacts have allowed Lucian to develop a successful model for commercialization of disruptive and high-technology founded or based on his innovative technical achievements. Never one to think small, just the projects he’s been involved in helping to develop since 2006 total over $10 billion dollars in startup and deployment costs.

Lucian is also a prolific writer. Professionally, he produces more than one million written words per year. Lucian has authored numerous technical tomes that are not available to the public in addition to a series of recently published best-selling science fiction novels. He says he has to write fiction because he needs to get all the crazy things he's seen and been through in his professional life out of his head, otherwise he'd go insane. But he admits that might only be a matter of semantics.

He does most of his fiction writing in the middle of the night, because he does his professional writing during the day. He jokes that he hasn't slept since the mid-eighties. His wife thinks it's probably not a joke. She says Lucian hasn't slept since she met him. In addition to writing novels, Lucian has written several screenplays and a book of poetry, which he admits is mostly terrible. He’s pretty handy with a camera, and he has several award-winning photos to his credit.

Purely as an accidental occurrence, he also appeared in a major Hollywood movie where he met and later worked with several well-known producers and directors. Lucian went on to produce several televised sporting events and a documentary about going to Cuba to find the actual man from Hemingway’s Old Man and the Sea.