Lucian Randolph
Lucian Randolph
Lu•cian [ˈloō sh ən]
noun (person)
The right man to get the job done when big problems need big solutions.
Lucian Randolph
Lucian is hard to describe. We're pretty sure he escaped from some government lab when he was young.

Professionally, he’s a research fellow and strategic development analyst for a private science think tank firm. His primary specialty is developing disruptive and bleeding-edge technology, which is just another way of saying he likes cool toys. He has also been called a polymath and a futurist, but he says that just means he's hopeful.

Technically, Lucian is a paid problem solver and contract inventor, which is also known as a brain for hire. Some of the guys he works with refer to him as one of the mega-thinkers, but that's code for Geek with the big brain. He mostly works under the mild-mannered guise of “consultant.”

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